The Pioneer Independent Analyst of Emerging Markets

Services for the Private Sector

At Kleiman International in Washington, DC, we offer our expertise through consultations and written analyses to a wide variety of clients including:

  • International Commercial and Investment Banks

  • Institutional Investors

  • Brokers

  • Fund Managers

  • Traders

  • Family Offices

  • Corporations

  • Individual Investors

Kleiman International

What We Do

The firm assists investors and executives in evaluating and monitoring the risks and opportunities associated with portfolios and direct investments, as well as trading and credit activity.

Independent Global Insights

We provide market and instrument comparisons and evaluate the macro-economic banking, financial institution, capital market, and sector trends. Our senior level team incorporates the broader domestic and international economic, market, and policy conditions in analyses. We draw on our collective expertise for historical comparisons.

Services for Fund Managers

Our firm uses our collective expertise to aid with investor identification, drafts of background identification, competitive assessments, and the dissemination of ongoing reports to fund investors.

Expert Insights

Advisory services and analyses are offered for the global frontier and emerging markets, as well as advanced economies. Our company’s expertise covers all aspects of the asset class, including:

  • Debt

  • Equity

  • Currencies

  • Fund Flow

  • Development Finance

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investments

Our Global Reach

We maintain regular contact with investors worldwide to monitor potential risks and track investment trends relating to the institutional, legal, macro-economic, and infrastructure environments.

Our Portfolio

Examples of recent client work include:

  • Regular Briefings on the Outlook for Emerging Stock, Bond, and Currency Markets

  • Analysis of Turkey’s Geo-Political, Economic, Currency, Financial Sector, and Political Situation

  • Assessment of Current Conditions for the Iranian Economy and Stock Exchange During the COVID-19 Crisis

  • Analysis of Brazil’s Spending and Fiscal Risks

  • Update on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange After 5-Week Closure

  • Comprehensive Overview of Indian Economy and Banking Sector Including Potential Recovery Prospects

  • Analysis of Asian Corporate/Household Debt Risks

  • Overview of Current/Future Impact of Early Withdrawals From Latin Private Pension Funds

  • Analysis of Post-COVID-19 Recovery Prospects for the Gcc

  • Review of Emerging Market Central Bank/Government Responses to COVID-19 Crisis

Services for the
Public Sector

Our clients from the government sector include multilateral agencies, bilateral donors, policymakers, regulatory authorities, and the intelligence communities. We assist official clients with real-world assessments of emerging and frontier economies. Our advisory services focus on issues such as economic policies, market access, and operating requirements as well as regulatory oversight for banks and capital markets.

Assisting US and International Agencies

Kleiman International’s experience with worldwide investors is regularly tapped to guide markets in offering policy makers insights into cross-border capital flows as well as attracting foreign investors.

Offering Insights and Expertise

Our firm’s partners frequently participate in market assessments, seminars, and conferences for public sector agencies in the US and abroad and have completed assignments for the bilateral and multilateral organizations in all developing regions. We have also provided analyses to the intelligence community.

Samples of Our Work

Client projects we have handled include:

  • Consulted With an Emerging Market Stock Exchange on Extending Its International Listings

  • Participated in Bond Market Development in a Sub-Saharan African Market: Undertook a Domestic and International Investor Survey and Recommended Changes for an International Financial Institution (Ifi) Project

  • Developed and Taught a Multi-Day Workshop on “Raising Debt via the Private Sector” in Two Sub-Saharan Countries for an Intergovernmental Organization

  • Contributed to a Research Paper Commissioned by the Non-Partisan, Congressionally-Funded Project on National Security Reform

  • Assessed a Caribbean Nation’s Financial Sector and Provided Recommendations for Ifi Support

  • Analyzed a Post-War Sub-Saharan Economy and Provided a Comprehensive Financial Sector Development Plan

  • Evaluated Capital Market Development Progress for a Central European Country and Provided an Action Plan for a Bilateral Overseas Aid Provider

EM Economy/Finance Workshop

Kleiman International’s partners created the pioneer Emerging Market (EM) Economy and Finance Analyst Professional Development Workshop. It was originally developed and taught for the Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. The workshop is designed to fully prepare students to enter the workforce in the:

  • Financial Sector

  • Consulting Service

  • Business Management

  • Multilateral Organizations

What to Expect

The workshop participants are exposed to qualitative and quantitative elements common in the decision-making of public, multinational, and private sectors. This is done through readings, assignments, and guest speakers from globally recognized public and private institutions. Our workshop is adaptable for corporate training and financial institutions.

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