Public Sector

The principals of Kleiman International employ their vast knowledge of emerging market development – on topics such as economic policies, market access, operating requirements, and regulatory oversight for banks and capital markets – to assist institutions in financial market strengthening in emerging economies.  The firm’s experience with international investors is often tapped to guide markets in attracting foreign investors and offer policymakers insights into cross-border capital flows, and the principals frequently take part on market assessments, seminars, and conferences for public sector agencies in the US and abroad, and have completed assignments for international lending organizations in all developing regions.

Sample Client Work

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  • Consulted with an emerging market stock exchange on extending its international listings.
  • Contributed to a research paper commissioned by the non-partisan Congressionally-funded Project on National Security Reform, under the auspices of the Center for the Study of the Presidency.
    vProvided an analysis of potential for private sector “green” financing for developing economies following the 2009 Copenhagen Conference.
  • Prepared paper for a think tank on “Capital market development in poor countries: Lessons for Policymakers.”
  • Study of US and European pension fund investment in emerging markets and projections for future allocation for World Bank study on financial integration.


Analyses and Technical Assistance

  • Impact of derivatives in emerging markets during Asian and Russian financial crises for World Bank’s annual Global Development Finance.
  • Asian Bond Market Study for World Bank: Tax and Singapore chapters; general country risk and emerging markets commentary
  • Presentations/Briefings/Conferences
  • Participated in World Bank/Asia Development Bank conference on “Private Capital Flows to Asian Markets.”
  • Consulted with USAID on the Accelerating Economic Recovery Program in Asia initiative

Africa/Middle East

Analyses and Technical Assistance

  • Bond market development in Kenya: undertook an investor survey and made recommendations for changes for a World Bank project.
  • Rwanda’s Financial Sector Development Plan for First Initiative: analysis and recommendations.
    Technical assistance to Malian public and private sector representatives to develop quality business plans and project proposals for Corporate Council on Africa Summit for USAID
  • Zambia’s Financial Sector Development Plan for First Initiative: analysis and recommendations.


  • Developed program for private sector roundtable on attracting portfolio inflows to Africa for Africa Growth and Opportunity Act Private Sector Summit.
  • Developed and organized “Central African Securities Market Development” workshop in Cameroon for World Bank/BEAC.
  • Developed and taught three-day regional workshop on “Raising Debt via the Private Sector in Nairobi and Harare for UNITAR

Latin America/Caribbean

Analyses and Technical Assistance

  • Reviewed Dominican Republic’s draft capital markets law for World Bank
  • Caribbean Offshore Financial Services Study for World Bank
  • Assessment of Haitian financial sector and recommendations for post-embargo support for Inter-American Development Bank
  • “Latin Local Bonds: Foreign Fund Managers New Focus” for Inter-American Development Bank conference
  • Speaker on asset and liabilities management and country risk assessment at UN workshop on financial institutions and capital market development in the Caribbean
  • “Latin Local Debt Market Development Progress: Implications for Costa Rica” for local stock exchange/securities commission seminar

Europe/Central Asia

Analyses and Technical Assistance

  • Financial sector assessment and action plan for Brcko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina under the auspices of the UN Office of High Representative
  • Comprehensive financial sector profile for Central Europe/Central Asia for World Bank
  • Researched and co-wrote paper on “Financial Sector Reform in the Smaller Transition Economies of Central Europe/Central Asia” published by the World Bank’s Economic Development Institute.
  • Evaluated Romanian capital market development and assistance for USAID.
  • Highlighted threats to emerging economies on a panel sponsored by the Bretton Woods Committee on “Turmoil in Europe – A Wider Threat.”
  • Planner a series of workshops and presented papers on Financial Sector Reform for Central European and Central Asian officials for WorldBank/OECD