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Kleiman International offers in-depth evaluation of financial market development for emerging markets worldwide. The group provides independent analyses of economic, banking, financial institution, capital market, privatization, and sector trends. Through its wide range of public and private sector sources in each of the markets, the firm assists investors and executives in identifying and assessing financial services and investment opportunities and vehicles, and tracking developments. Kleiman provides market and instrument comparisons, and counsels clients on risk and opportunity associated with portfolio and direct investment, and trading and credit activity. The group assists fund managers with investor identification, background documentation drafting, competitive assessments, and regular reporting that is disseminated to fund investors. The firm maintains regular contact with investors around the world to monitor concerns and track investment trends relating to the macro-economic, institutional, legal, and infrastructure environment.

Sample Client Work

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  • General emerging market analyses
  • Potential emerging market country contagion from Europe’s sovereign debt crisis.
  • Islamic Finance: assessment of the evolution and risk in individual countries from the industry’s rapid development.
  • Review of emerging market “pre-emptive” precedents for sovereign debt restructuring.
  • Emerging market Sovereign Wealth Funds’ current status and outlook.
  • Potential real estate bubbles in emerging market countries.
  • Current and historical impact of capital controls in Asia and Latin America.
  • The impact on emerging financial markets from commodities rallies.
  • General emerging markets presentations/briefings
  • Regular briefings on outlook for emerging stock, bond and currency markets for fund managers/private investors
  • Speaker at World Exchange Congress
  • Annual contribution on emerging local debt markets for a ratings agency publication.
  • Speaker on recent global financial initiatives.
  • Ongoing research and advisory support for international bank’s proprietary local currency desk.

Sample Client Work by Region:

Africa/Middle East


  • South Africa’s financial sector – including the stock and bond markets, asset management industry, pension and insurance sectors – for a private investor.
  • The near and medium-term impact on the Middle East/North Africa regional economies and financial markets of the “Arab Spring” for an international investment group.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa banking/capital markets and private equity investment opportunities.
  • Middle East/North Africa economic and financial market developments
  • Financial sector development issues in transition economies applicable to Iraq.


  • Chaired a conference on investing in the Middle East
  • Expert witness in London on Central African country debt payment capacity.
  • Facilitated roundtable on “Emerging Market Credit Ratings” for Africa Capital Markets Conference.
  • Private presentation of international investor interests/concerns about emerging markets in the Middle East and North Africa



  • The extent of China’s growing overseas investments in Asia, Africa and Latin America for an international fund group.
  • Vietnam’s financial sector development.
  • India and Pakistan financial sector reforms.
  • Evolution, status and outlook for development of Islamic finance in South East Asiav
  • Outlook for foreign direct investment in South East Asia


  • Speaker at Asian Frontier Markets conference.
  • Debt management in a liberalized environment.
  • Foreign investor views of direct and portfolio investment environment in Indonesia.

Latin America/Caribbean


  • Medium-term outlook for Mexico’s economy and financial sector.
  • Debt restructuring in Ecuador: assessed the country’s capacity to service external obligations.
  • Argentina: economy and investment climate, overseas investor return to the local debt market
  • Medium-term outlook for Brazil’s economy and financial sector


  • Investment environment in Latin America: portfolio investor concerns
  • Caribbean integration potential

Europe/Central Asia


  • US pension fund interest/activities in emerging debt and equity markets and preliminary investor identification for an Eastern European fund manager.
  • Russian bond market development.
  • Economic and financial market outlook for Turkey
  • Comprehensive financial market assessments for Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for international institutional investor.


  • Weekly in-depth briefings on macro-economic, financial market, banking sector and policy developments in Eastern, Western and Central Europe for a private fund manager.
  • Moderated panel on Russia and Central Europe at a global Emerging Markets Investment conference